Be among the best

We invest in 8-12 startups each year. We invest between $500k-$750k in each startup through our seed funding programs.

Meet our portfolio of startups

We realise that in early stages of a startup, founders have to juggle multiple challenges and capital is only one of them. We offer early capital at founder-friendly terms but don't stop there. With an industry leading follow-on rate of 75%+ and one of the largest portfolios of Series A+ companies for any first fund in India, we make it easy for our portfolio startups to accelerate their growth, hit product-market fit and raise follow-on funding quickly. Not to mention an active community of 400+ founders to share their learnings and support your journey.

Our vision over time has evolved and is now two-fold.

To be the thesis-driven partners of choice for start-ups; we've always believed in going wide at the fund level and deep at the sector level.

To nurture and deepen respectful relationships across the start-up ecosystem.

Why work with Axilor?

Series A is an important milestone for founders

75% of our start-ups have a Series A follow-on investment

Founders love us

Our NPS has only moved upwards - from 75 in the last year to 83 over this year

We help build valuable companies

Our portfolio services extends to beyond the usual - foraying into people, network, and more

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