By Axilor Ventures
Dec 21, 2016
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Venture Capital

Axilor’s third accelerator batch is hard at work changing the world, having come into the program on March 28th. It is our most eclectic batch and the largest so far, with 9 start-ups. Some interesting stats: about 55.5% are B2B, 33.3% are B2C and 55% were confident they’d get selected into our program (despite our stringent selection process of picking 1:22 start-ups!). This cohort consists of a mental health assessment platform, an end-to-end cross-platform communication solution for marketers, a collar-worn dog wearable and mobile application which together aim to make dog-parenting easier and many more… The 100 day program will focus on customer validation, training on raising funds, access to our alumni network, our space and a grant of 1.25 lakhs.

Summer ’16

Learn more about our 9 start-ups here (1 is still in stealth):

About start-up Mobiusworks (Wagr)

Wagr is an ecosystem consisting of a collar-worn dog wearable and mobile application which together aim to make dog-parenting easier.


A mental health assessment platform, that helps detect, prevent and effectively manage mental health


End-to-end cross-platform communication solution for marketers and developers using Push Technology


Survaider is an online SaaS CEM platform which lets enterprises understand voice of customers and act on it, across all their business locations, real time.


An informative re-commerce platform for technophiles to make the latest technology available at affordable costs

The Fashion Barn

A B2B marketplace to simplify how fashion brands connect and transact with multi-brand retailers globally


Xobin is a tech interviewing tool that lets the interviewer see the cognitive process of a potential candidate, while working on a problem, real-time


Platform to build and deploy MicroApps.

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