By Axilor Ventures
Dec 13, 2017
2 min read

For the longest time, out of home entertainment in the country was restricted to movie-watching with lion’s share of the consumer wallet being devoted to this. Other events and activities such as music festivals, concerts; live sports, which are large categories outside saw relatively less interest. Organisers are now waking up to a growing share of consumer spend and adapting new forms of technology to keep up with the consumer.

Three of our portfolio companies are witnessing interesting trends in this direction

1. Eventshigh

Eventshigh is one of the leading online aggregators of events and activities in the country. For the first time this new year, 200+ organisers in each of the top 5 metros have signed up on their platform to make their new year party discoverable on Eventshigh. Organisers are comfortable using Eventshigh’s self serve platform to publish their party details and integrate their ticketing/CRM without any customer support

2. Playtoome

Playtoome is trying to do for live performances, what Netflix did for movies. Consumers can now watch their favorite artist perform online without the hassle of commuting, long waiting lines and even high ticket prices. And the best part, everyone gets the front row!

3. Gig Production

Riding on the growing base of FB messenger users, Gig production helps artists connect with fans via a chat bot. These folks powered the chat bot for Justin Bieber’s concert in India managed by Percept

All of this rides on the back of growing demand from Indian consumers to explore art and entertainment outside of the movies!

Check out new year parties in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai at Events High and interact with your favorite artist online with Playtoome

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